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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your labor rate ? 

Our labor rate is $120/hour.  All labor rates are based off of alldata. MINIMUM LABOR CHARGE 1/2 HOUR- $60


Can I wait while my vehicle is worked on ? 

We recommend making arrangments to drop your vehicle off for service.  Since we are a small (2-bay) shop combined with longer than ususal part delivery wait times all vehicles must be dropped off for service.  


Can I drop off or pick up my vehicle after hours?

Of course you can!  We have a secure key drop slot for after hours drop off and if you can not pick up your vehicle while we are open, we can make special arraingments for you to pick up your vehicle.  


What types of vehicles do you work on?

We work on all domestic and foreign vehicles and small/light duty trucks.  We also can perform work on certain german vehicles using all OEM parts.  Sorry but we do not work on diesel vehicles or larger trucks/box trucks.  

Do I need an appointment? 

We technically do not take appointments, all work is performed on a first come first serve method combined with the availibility of parts.  Please drop your vehice off.

How long do you need to have my vehicle?

This all depends on how busy we are, how much work as to be performed and the availibilty of parts.  European vehicles will most likely take longer as these parts come from the dealer and/or a specific european vendor.

What type/brand of parts are you using?

We believe in doing the job correct the first time which means we only use OEM or high quality aftermarket parts.

Do you do remote starts/alarms and stereo systems?

No we do not however we are partnered with a great shop across the street that offers these services and much more.

Can I bring my own parts?

Generally the answer to this is no, we feel that this is a poor way for us to do business, due to the poor quality of aftermarket parts available online.  As previously mentioned we only use OEM or high quality aftermarket parts.


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